Have You Seen the Most Recent Poll on the Governor’s Race?

Here is a brief glimpse of what it states: 

“A recent statewide survey of likely voters in New Mexico reveals Governor Susana Martinez locked in a dead heat with Attorney General Gary King. Not only is Martinez pulling well under fifty percent of the vote—a precarious position for any incumbent—but she has little to draw from in the way of residual good performance, as fully half of all likely voters rate her job performance as Governor in negative terms.”

Take a few minute to learn more about the poll and this closely matched race by going to:    Gary King for Governor.

We can make a difference by helping get people out to vote and educating community members about why Gary King is the best candidate for our families and future generations.

I encourage you to get involved in some capacity to win this November. You can sign up with the King/Haaland campaign by clicking here.

Together We Can Make a Difference!